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#9298 patchwelcome FF3, dojo release 1.3, scroll position not persisted after render finished Evan

FF3, dojo 1.3, this occurs especially when there are more data, first scroll to the bottom, when render finished, the scroll bar position is changed.

The expected behavior would be:the scroll position should be persisted after render finished.

Please see the attached video.

#9329 patchwelcome dojox.form.RangeSlider RTL bug taras

The range between the min and max indicators is not displayed as should be.

I attached an image of the dojox text (modified with DIR=RTL in the HTML tag)

#9443 fixed Tree: method to get/set currently selected item in tree bill

Tree should have a way to get/set the currently selected item. Since Tree has no way of knowing the ancestors of an item, and also since items can have multiple parents, this really amounts to getting/setting the path to the currently selected item.

This is from a patch in #9339 but it deserves it's own ticket.

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