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#18724 duplicate dom-style.get gives incorrect width for edge cjolif

This is the same problem as #17962 but for Edge.

#18722 fixed Dojo can read incorrect locale value from Chrome bill a06275

Using Dojo heavily in an enterprise web-app, I am having problems with Date formatting that I've traced back to the locale specified in dojo.config. Specifically, I'm getting a locale of "en-us" rather than the correct "en-gb". Having dug further, I've discovered the cause of this.

In dojo/_base/config, the user's locale can be read from the browser using the navigator object. Specifically, it tests for ...

navigator.language || navigator.userLanguage

... however the language property in Chrome is actually set to the download locale, so English users will often download with a locale of en-US and hence Dojo loads into this locale rather than the preferences set by the user in their browser settings.

There is a blog post at regarding this problem, and the suggested solution is to use another property found on the Chrome navigator object, specifically languages, which has a prioritised list of the user's chosen languages. The better test would therefore be ...

navigator.languages ? navigator.languages[0] : (navigator.language || navigator.userLanguage)  

... which would solve the problem of Dojo loading into the wrong locale.

#18721 fixed form/Select throws an error when it has 0 or 1 option and keyboard navigation is used bill adros

Method '_getNextFocusableChild' in _keyNavMixin may return null, which is case of Select with 0 or 1 option. But method '_keyboardSearch' is not ready for this and an error is raised from '_keyboardSearchCompare' method.

This can be simulated also in 'dijit/tests/form/test_Select.html', focus to 'Initial Empty' or 'Single Item' select, and press e.g. 'a' (while the dropdown is closed) and see errors in console.

I will create a pull request that fixes this issue.

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