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#15200 fixed FilteringSelect: entries are not highlighted on mouseover Douglas Hays André Wessel

Hi everybody,

I have noticed that the onmouseover-highlighting of the entries of a FilteringSelect? doesn't work if any theme except claro is chosen. Also the highlighting of the textfield of the FilteringSelect? doesn't occur.

Can be reproduced with the theme-tester:

Greetings, André

#15879 fixed AutoRotator / Rotator cannot be destroyed dante Aaasaasa


I've found a bug in the dojox.widget.Rotator on destroy()

I have added: if(wfe!=null){ wfe.remove(); }else{ return true; } and it works. It's not a solution but i haven't time to find a cause. Programmatically it not works, just declaratively

#444 worksforme Images for editor toolbar buttons fail to load in Firefox anonymous Aaron Digulla <[email protected]…>

I tried your editor on Windows XP with Firefox and IE 6.0.

Firefox: When I go to the demo page, I get two editors but none of the images show up. For example, the lower editor with the default toolbar has just "Save Cancel" above the line "Editable Content With Default Toolbar" and nothing else.

The same goes for the editor which I can build but there, also the block formatting combo appears.

When I open the same page with IE 6.0, the images show up.

I have the following extensions installed: NoScript? (but I allowed your site :-)), AdBlock?+, WebDeveloper? and some more.

When I look at the DOM, I see that the IMG elements in the toolbar buttons don't have a src attribute.

My guess is that your images contain some info which triggers AdBlock? Plus but disabling it didn't help.

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