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#16709 wontfix The on() method is not properly working on dojox mobile editable widget ( e.g. : List and IconContainer and maybe some others) Adrian Vasiliu Clement Mathieu

How to reproduce :

_ use a dojox/mobile/IconContainer with some icons and with the property "editable=true" like in dojox/mobile/tests/test_IconContainer-editable.html
_ Then try to replace the connect.connect(ic, "onDeleteItem", null, function(){}) by ic.on("deleteItem", function(){})
_ delete an item, the callback is not executed.


The ic.on call does not work properly because it tries to find a function onDeleteItem in the protoype of ic. But since this function is added to ic with a safeMixin, the function is added directly to the object not to its prototype.

#16948 fixed [regression] _this.domNode undefined in : dojox/mobile/scrollable.js Adrian Vasiliu mc007ibi

I discovered this by switching from stable 1.8 to trunk. Its crashing in line 208 :"scroll", function(e){

if( === 'none'){ return; }

Please a simple sanity check there. Thank you.

#17003 wontfix Non "" items receive event upon view transition (Android 2.x) Adrian Vasiliu Sebastien Pereira

Given the following source (see attachment), this creates a home View with two List Items which transition to two further views. Each of these other view contain some element which when the transition ends receives the initial event which triggered the transition.

Test case 1
From the home View, select the first List Item but be sure to place your finger above where the input field is in the transitioned view. The input element receives the event from the selection of the first view from the home View.

Test case 2
From the home View, select the second List Item. After the transition the event is triggered on the DIV element.

Initially reported and reproduced : 1.8.3 on Android 2.x

Partially reproduced (test case 1 only) : 1.9.0b2 on Android 2.x, 1.9.1 on Android 2.x/4.x

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