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#10805 worksforme Tooltip: destroyRecursive() leaves DOM anonymous Avachan


I have a big problem with some Memoryleaks in my page. I use Tooltips on Buttons and when I destroy the buttons the tooltips would not be destroyed.

At end of program lifetime I destroy all Tooltips with the following code :

        this.ttip[i].domNode = null;

But the domNode is still there and I can't do anything against it. My Memoryleak programm ( Drip 0.5 ) show me the Tooltip with one reference on it. But I don't know where this is come from.

Sincerly, Ava-chan

#18644 invalid Grid Scroll Issue in Android , iPhone, iPad (touch devices) BalajiV22

When we are scrolling fast till the end or till to the top even though there is no data to be scrolled in the grid resulting in a crash issue, provided grid has sufficient data so that scroll bar appear in the grid.

#10558 invalid Dijit.Tree.Path does not work after delete BartHoogenraad

I use the new Dijit.Tree.Path attribute in Dojo 1.4 to a menu tree item. This works ok. When I delete an item from the underlying ItemFileWrite? store the tree updates correctly but Dijit.Tree.Path no longer works.

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