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#3814 invalid Errors in sync xhr are squelched Bryan Forbes guest

If the xhrPost test in dojo ests\_basexhr.html is modified to a sync and an error happens while handling the request, the error should not be squelched. I should be able to catch the error in my code and progress accordingly.

function xhrPost(t){
	var d = new doh.Deferred();
	var td = dojo.xhrPost({
		sync: true,
		url: "xhr.html?foo=bar", // self
		content: { color: "blue"},
		handle: function(res, ioArgs){
			throw "test";
				(ioArgs.xhr.status == 405)
	alert("should not see this!");
	// t.t(td instanceof dojo.Deferred);
	return d;
#3833 wontfix [patch][cla] allow Dojo to work in Firefox extensions Bryan Forbes guest

I have included a patch in unified diff format, that allows Dojo to work within a Firefox extension, while keeping normal browser functionality.

This is in relation to forum post:

This patch updates /dojo.js and /src/io/ScriptScrIO.js

The reason for this patch is that within a Firefox extension there is no Head element to attach the script element too.

ScriptScrIO.js goes one step further then dojo.js and implements the same code as dojo.js but then also implements the ability to use AJAX to get the JS file. The reasoning for this extra step is because the code to add the JS file to the Firefox XUL only allows for the loading of local files. This is a problem if the user is using the cometd section of Dojo. This is because cometd needs to talk to the server which in normal cases is not local to the extension user. Therefore it uses AJAX in to get the source of the external JS file (this AJAX is able to go to a different domain because it is being ran as a extension and therefore has higher security levels). Once AJAX can retrieved the source it URI encodes it and passes it in a, data URI to the Firefox JS load function.

This gives the ability for Dojo to be smart enough to know if it is running in a normal browser window or as a Firefox extension, and also smart enough to know if it needs to load the required JS files from the local machine or from a remote server.

The only other possible requirement to have Dojo work as a Firefox extension is to set the variable: baseRelativePath. This value will be dependent on the developer and therefore was not hard coded to allow developers to easily set this variable like the normally would. In my case I set the variable to:

var djConfig = {
baseRelativePath : "chrome://myExtension/content/dojo/",

Files Seperate:

Files Ziped:

#4053 wontfix dojo.animateProperty should not require and HTMLElement to work Bryan Forbes guest

Currently the dojo.animateProperty provides a GREAT framework to do any kind of animation. It should be de-coupled from working only with HTMLElements. For example if I want to simply animate the increment of a user inputted number, I need to currently provide a dummy div so that the property animation works.

var start = dojo.byId("start").value; //previous value
var end = dojo.byId("end").value; //user inputted value
dojo.animateProperty({ node:document.createElement("div"), //dummy div
                       properties:{ value:{ start:start, end:end } }, 
                       onAnimate:function() { dojo.byId("anim").innerHTML = parseFloat(arguments[0].value) } }).play();

It would be great to not at all provide the dummy div, but just do property animation.

Also currently the arguments[0].value returns <value>px. If there is no node provided, the 'px' could be excluded.

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