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#178 fixed testcase for menu doesnt autoinclude templateCssPath file in khtml3.4.3 anonymous fredrik.j at

the testcase trunk/tests/widgets/test_Menu.html doesnt include templateCssPath. The same goes for for test_ContextMenu.html. All according to Konquerors DOM inspector.

Applies to rev 1850

I tracked it down to the simple fact that neither of these testcases has a <html> <head> and <body> tag. Including this makes them include templateCssPath.

/ Fredrik

#179 fixed Context menu should stay in page anonymous anonymous

When right clicking in the bottom-right corner for context menu, the page automatically gets scrollbars and one has to scroll to see the context menu (tested in build

#180 fixed Contextmenu cant be attached to specific nodes and it doesnt work in Konqueror anonymous fredrik.j at

Contextmenu have no way to set menu to specific nodes instead of the hole page. And it does not work in konqueror3.4.3 which doesnt support oncontextmenu event.

I have fixed and implemented this in the supplied pathes. It basically use onmousedown in konqueror, and oncontextmenu in moz, IE etc. And attach event listeners to nodeIds in targetNodesId array, if this is empty it defaults to body just like before.

Hope you can use them!

They are changed files from rev1850.

Regards Fredrik Johansson

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