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#10460 fixed [regression] TabContainer: failure on deleting last tab bill Avachan

When I close the last Child of a TabContainer the !InternetExplorer7 throws the Error:

'' ist Null oder kein Objekt
'' is null or no object ((free translated))

In version 1.3.2 everything goes perfect. Till I update to 1.4.0rc* the Error would be thrown.

The Error do not thrown if I write in line 96 of dijit.layout.StackController?

if (this._currentChild) var b=this.pane2button[];


var b=this.pane2button[];

then everything I tested works perfekt.

In not shrinked Version it is Line 177 wich I change.

I work with Version 1.4.0rc2 at this moment.

#10590 fixed ComboButton: attr('value', 'newValue') resize failure (IE7) Douglas Hays Avachan


I do not know if its a failure, but I think it should resize when I change the label.

Reproduce scenario: I create a ComboButton and give them a group to choose from it. When the User choose a point the ComboBox.attr('label') is set to the new label.

Failure: It sets the label. But if the label bigger in length as the one that are inserted before, the label is written above the button. The size of the button area of the button isn't resized to new size.

I don't have found a possible action to manually resize the button. So I think its a failure.

Sincerly, Ava-chan

#10699 wontfix console Problem in IE8 anonymous Avachan

Hi, Since Version 1.4.0 I have a Problem with the console div under IE8. In IE7 and FF3.6 (with firebug) it works correct, but in IE8 the console div would not be shown under the written Application.

I have test to set some Variables in the djConfig like the debugAtAllCosts Flag, but it didn't work after all.

The IE8 is often implemented in other Software so I can't use the IE8 internal JavaScript? debugging Services. So I don't know if they would help and replace the console window.

Sincerly, Ava-chan

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