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#3325 fixed dojo.fx.chain/combine fail on empty array Bryan Forbes Adam Peller

These methods are also undocumented. I'd suggest scrapping them for their instance member cousins, which require an instance to operate.

#3326 wontfix Need "null" animation, or a way to add a delay into a chain Bryan Forbes Adam Peller
#3338 fixed dojo.fadeOut and dojo.fadeIn have incorrect documentation and incorrect internal implementation for array of DOM nodes Bryan Forbes bradneuberg

I am porting the Dojo Storage test page, at dojox/storage/tests/test_storage.html to the new Dojo 0.9 system. I use the following call:

dojo.fadeOut({nodes: status, duration: 2000}).play()

which results in the following exception:

Object cannot be created in this context" code: "9 undefined

The problem comes down to this call in the Dojo FX code:"beforeBegin");

in the method The exact issue is inside the fire method:


this[evt].apply(this, args


Where we have an evt, "beforeBegin", but 'args' is undefined. I believe the apply method calls through to a listener, but we never defined a beforeBegin callback in my Test Storage page.

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