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#1050 fixed various addChild bugs bill bill

test_LayoutCode.html demonstrates various addChild() bugs including:

1) adding children to LayoutPane? repeatedly (about 4 times) will eventually causes a strange overflow effect

2) children are added to SplitContainer? in wrong order

3) Accordion not working at all

#7384 invalid var q = dojo.queryToObject((new dojo._Url(document.location)).query); fails on URL without query string anonymous Josh Trutwin

var q = dojo.queryToObject((new dojo._Url(document.location)).query);

The above one-liner doesn't work if the document.location URL does not have anything in the query string as the value returned by dojo._Url has null in the .query property.

Suggest changing .query to empty hash {} so the above will work instead of requiring to be split into multiple lines:

var u = new dojo._Url(document.location); if (! u.query) { return; } var q = dojo.queryToObject(u.query);


#9039 wontfix var float; causes ShrinkSafe to fail in release mode. alex Aleksey Rechinskiy

Create js file with variable var float; This variable is legal (it works as expected in FF3, IE6-7, Opera9.64 and makes me think, that it is legal)

Try to build the file in release mode. The complete build parameters are:

build.bat profileFile=%HOMEDIR%\myjs.profile.js action=clean,release releaseName=rel releaseDir="../../../c/" layerOptimize="shrinksafe" optimize="shrinksafe" copyTests=false cssOptimize=comments mini=true stripConsole=normal

When the build goes to optimizing baked file, you will get the following fatal error message:

release:  Optimizing (shrinksafe) file: ../../../c/rel/dojo/../App/baked-c.js
js: line 25688: missing variable name
js:     var float='dfd';
js: ..........^
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