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#18731 fixed setting role=main on Editor's iframe's <body> violates ARIA spec bill bill

The dijit/Editor embeds an <iframe> and sets role="main" on this iframe's body.

ARIA only allows the document/application role for the <body> element.

Note: If the <body> role is changed, some other element will need to adopt the "main" role (as reported in #16140. Maybe set role="main" on the dijitEditorBody <div> instead?

#18730 fixed XSS possible with analytics/logger/dojoxAnalytics.php dylan dylan

#18728 fixed Google load API shouldn't be recommended dylan nickmaynard

The Google load() API is documented here as a potential source for CDN loading:

Unfortunately the list of available versions in this API has not been updated since Dojo 1.7.2. Consequently, users will be unable to load newer versions of Dojo with this API.

I'd suggest removal the section referring to the Google load API.

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