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#2848 fixed M2: 09: animateHeight dojo.fx Unit Test fails on IE 6 Bryan Forbes Jared Jurkiewicz

M2: 09: animateHeight dojo.fx Unit Test fails on IE 6

I ran the UT though IE 6 and get a failure in the animateHeight tests of IE 6, the report is:

GROUP "t" has 3 tests to run PASSED test: ../../dojo/tests/_base/fx.html::t::fadeOut PASSED test: ../../dojo/tests/_base/fx.html::t::fadeIn [object Error] ERROR IN: function(t){ var duration = 500; var foo = dojo.byId("foo"); var startHeight = dojo.marginBox(foo).h; console.debug("Start height is "+startHeight); var anim = dojo.animateProperty({ node: foo, properties: { height: { end: startHeight / 2 } }, duration: duration }); var d = new doh.Deferred(); dojo.connect(anim, "onEnd", anim, function(){ var height = dojo.marginBox(foo).h; console.debug("End height is "+height); var elapsed = (new Date().valueOf()) - anim._startTime; t.assertTrue(elapsed >= duration); console.debug("dojo.contentBox(foo).h): "+height+" Intended Height: "+(startHeight/2));, startHeight / 2); d.callback(true); });; return d; } FAILED test: ../../dojo/tests/_base/fx.html::t::animateHeight PASSED test: ../../dojo/tests/_base/fx.html

#2944 fixed slideIn()/slideOut don't work for aborted operations Bryan Forbes bill

Basically, the code that I added to wipeIn/wipeOut, which Alex ported to dojo 0.9, to handle nodes with fixed height setting (like"300px") is doing more harm than good. Specifically it messes up when (for example) you halfway open a title pane and then abort and start to close it.

So I'd like to just support natural height divs. If you want a fixed height div, just do something like:

   <div style="height: 300px">...</div>

The contract for the functions will be:

  1. slideIn() (like fadeIn()) will expand the node from it's current height to it's full natural height
  2. if the node is display:none then before the animation starts it will set it to height:1px, display:""
  3. slideOut() (like fadeOut()) will collapse the node from it's current height to 0 height, and then make the node display:none (and height:auto)
  4. play()'s signature is: play: function(/*int?*/ delay, /*boolean?*/ gotoStart). If you set gotoStart to true then the height will be set to 0 (for slideIn()) or auto (for slideOut()) before the animation starts.
#3152 fixed Tree/Titlepane height problem when you click during open/close Bryan Forbes guest

the height effect, (when you click on a div and this div slowly change it's height to 0) if called more that 1 time before the effect complete (2 click in a very short time) have a bug, seems that before starting the effect it save the real height of the div, probably for rollback the second time, but if the div is in the effect it can have a different height, so the 2nd click would lost the original div's height, overwriting, i notice this bug in the treeview and in titlepane.

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