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#172 fixed split pane: store paneSplitter position in cookie anonymous [email protected]

In split pane, store the relative sizes of the panes in a cookie, so they don't go back to their original positions on page refresh (or when you restart the browser.)

#173 fixed moving the splitters in the split pane does off things with borders bill cal <[email protected]…>

it seems like the drag positioning for the splitters is reading positions based on border but setting them without, or some such. the end effect is that if you click and release a sizer without moving the house at all, it moves 1 pixels right/down. this doesn't seem to be related to the sizes of either the splitter border of the parent container. could be an off-by-one error somewhere in the dragging guts?

#174 fixed all dojoAttachPoint to point to an array anonymous david

It'd be nice if you could have dojoAttachPoints reference arrays. For example, *in markup*:

<div dojoAttachPoint="foo" ...>...</div>

And *in the widget*: = [];

this.fillInTemplate = function() {
   for(var i = 0; i <; i++) {
      // do something with each node
   // ...
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