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#17523 fixed DojoX Calendar, resize() not implemented for SimpleColumnView dg Arlo White

I have a Calendar that just uses SimpleColumnView?. I'm using this Calendar in a TabContainer? and BorderContainer?. I'm having trouble setting it's height through resize().

resize() does not seem to be implemented in ViewBase?.js

There are actually two resize declarations: ViewBase?.js:197, ViewBase?.js:856 Both do nothing.

In addition, CalendarBase?.js swallows any arguments to resize. I'm not sure if this is by design?

I've ended up just setting the Calendar.domNode height manually to get my Calendar to display within TabContainer/BorderContainer?.

#17532 patchwelcome dojo/promise/all should allow some resolved & some rejected with always() Arlo White

I have a situation where I'm merging results from two requests and if one fails I want to be able to continue. I'd expect always() to allow something like this, but it does not provide an array, instead I just get a single error if one Promise is rejected.

I want to do something like this:

all([request1, request2]).always(function(results){
 var result1 = results[0];
  throw new Error('This data is required.');
 var result2 = results[2];
   // Resolved, use the data...
#819 fixed Calling 'disable()' has no effect on InlineEditBox. alex Ashish

Calling 'disable()' has no effect on InlineEditBox?.It seems enable/disable functions have not been over-riden for this control.

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