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#169 fixed dojo.profile fails to load when debugAtAllCosts is true alex dylan

debugAtAllCosts=true prevents profile.* from loading correctly.

#170 fixed combo box dropdown underneath other relative elements anonymous [email protected]

On Firefox 1.5b2, if I put a relative-positioned element as a sibling after the combo box (just below it in the page), the combo box dropdown is underneath the other element.

This can be fixed by adding "z-index: 1" to div.comboBoxOptions in the combo box template, for example.

Combo box and the <body> both seem to be at z-index 0, so another element can't be both above the page background and below the combo box. i.e. changing the combo box css is the only fix.

I'm not exactly a CSS wizard so I may have this all wrong... not sure if you want to set the z-index in dojo or just recommend that people can do it themselves.

#171 fixed [patch] comparison with NaN anonymous [email protected]

Typo: value is compared to NaN, isNaN() should be used.

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