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#1198 fixed vertical indicator line support in HtmlDropTarget liucougar liucougar

when implementing toolbar DND in the enhanced editor2, vertical indicator line is required

the attached patch add the support and add one option to HtmlDropTarget? to toggle vertical/horizontal

#16141 patchwelcome vertical axis seems to use wrong major tick sometimes Eugene Lazutkin ben hockey

it looks like if the smallest data point falls right on a major tick then the vertical axis cuts off at that point. this makes it look like there is no data for that point.

if the smallest data point falls on a major tick, should it use the next major tick below that?

i've attached a test case that shows the issue - my opinion is that the first column should look like it has data. if you change the smallest data point to something other than a multiple of 10 everything looks good.

#13026 fixed version 1.7 build system does not process requireIf and platformRequire Rawld Gill Rawld Gill

The new build system does not load dojo to trace dependencies; therefore, a "runtime environment" is not available to compute requireifs/platformRequires. This was always a little suspect because there was no way of guaranteeing the build environment===the target build environment.

Need to add feature to provide a specific environment to compute requireifs/platformRequires during build.

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