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#18746 fixed ScrollingTabController in MS Edge and dir=rtl bill r.koenig

I am experiencing problems with dijit/layout/ScrollingTabController under MS Edge and right-to-left page layout.

The displayed tabs are not displayed after selecting a tab. And are again displayed when chaning the size of the browser window. I've played around for a while and setting the width of the tablist to empty by""; and the resetting it to the original values the tabs are again displayed.

But this waorks only if the resetting is delayed by e.g. 500ms Seems to be any timing problem. Does anyone else experience problems like these or maybe has a workaround available?

#18743 fixed dojox/gfx touch interactions broken on MS Edge (svg) Patrick Ruzand Patrick Ruzand

dojox/gfx touch interactions are broken under MS Edge using svg renderer.

Reproduced using the tests/test_clip sample.

This is due to the dojox/gfx/_base._fixMsTouchAction that uses the prefixed (deprecated and not supported on Edge) version of the "touchAction" css property.

#18741 fixed dojox.layout.dock use setTimeout without testing _beingDestroyed causing issue bill thierry.chaudy

In case of Unit Testing, my widget is created and destroyed. The destroy is called after the _positionDock is firered, but before the code thas is in the setTimeout.

So this error is raised:

TypeError?: Cannot read property 'style' of null at null.<anonymous> <src/dojox/layout/Dock.js:68:26> at lang.hitch <src/dojo/_base/lang.js:386:55>

This part of code should test this._beingDestroyed to be run or not in order to avoid accessing dom elements when the widget is destroyed.

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