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#231 fixed if(!isNaN(padding) { syntax error anonymous [email protected]

html.js dojo.html.keepOnScreen syntax error at:

if(!isNaN(padding) {

I think perhaps whatever rhino compression is being run perhaps ought to be made an additional target called "compile" or something similar, because apparently it's able to catch 90% of syntax or invalid language constructs. The return value from the java process is always 3 when in error.

#235 fixed Dialog widget parse produces TypeError:Function expected in msie david [email protected]

I think some of the recent changes to Dialog are producing errors under certain conditions in MSIE. The error I'm getting is "[TypeError: Function expected]", but since the dojo.widget.Parse class is swallowing the error (ie not throwing it, which prevents the use of msie script debugger help) it's even harder to debug. I did actually re-build a dojo package last night and made it throw the error but it didn't really help me overly much. It was complaining about dojo.widget.byId not having any properties.

This could be completely unrelated to the Dialog, but for the sake of a sanity check I thought I'd double check. Perhaps the postCreate method changed enough that it's parsing some of my dialog content in a weird way? This is what my dialog html block looks like:

Note: Ignore the jwcid= stuff, that is replaced by valid html content when my web-framework parses the template. <div dojoType="dialog" bgColor="white" bgOpacity="0.5">

<form jwcid="sampleForm" class="dialog" > <fieldset> <legend>Login</legend> <p>Enter your username/password to login.</p>

<div class="fm-opt"> <span jwcid="@FieldLabel?" field="component:user"/> <input jwcid="[email protected]TextField?" value="ognl:username" displayName="Username"/>


<div class="fm-opt"> <span jwcid="@FieldLabel?" field="component:password"/> <input jwcid="[email protected]TextField?" value="ognl:userPassword"

hidden="true" displayName="Password" /> </div>

<div id="fm-hsubmit" class="dialog" >

<input jwcid="[email protected]"

onClick="javascript:dojo.widget.byId('DialogContent').hide();return false;" value="Cancel" />

</div> <div id="fm-hsubmit" class="dialog" >

<input jwcid="[email protected]"

value="OK" />

</div> </fieldset> </form>


#236 fixed Error in Safari while using dojo.require anonymous anonymous

If functions are declared like this and loaded via dojo.require then they work fine in FireFox?, but not Safari :

function functionname() {

dojo.debug("Test says hello!");


Safari gives this error :

TypeError? - Object (result of expression functionname) does not allow calls.

The 3 other ways of declaring functions that I have tried, all seem to work in Safari under these circumstances.

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