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#11891 fixed Cursor shows as pointer when Titlepane.toggleable=false bill Arlo White

When a TitlePane? is not toggleable, I don't think the cursor should indicate that something will happen when you click it.

Instead of cursor: pointer, it should use cursor: auto/default

#15428 fixed dojo/dom-prop is not a function, should be style.set Eugene Lazutkin Arlo White

Using dom-props in this fashion results in an error: is not a function.

domProp.set(domNode,"style", {width:"100%", height:"600px"});

Line 147 of dom-prop.js should be:

style.set(node, value);

On a side-note: Shouldn't a unit test have caught this bug?

#15464 duplicate EnhancedGrid Filter plugin's ComboBox has input issues and does not filter list. Evan Arlo White

The Filter plugin's ComboBox? (for strings with autoComplete:true) has some major UI issues. This can be seen in the filter plugin test:


Open the Filter, select Genre column. Try to type: "rock" After typing r, instead of filtering the list, "Blues" (first item in list) is auto-completed. Yet the filter condition heading says "Genre contains r" and the list as the "R" in "Rock" highlighted.

You'll also notice that the filter title (for this experiment) finishes differently depending on how fast you type rock.

Typing really fast, you get "rock", slowly you get "Bluk". As you type different the last two characters change.

Also, the normal ComboBox? test is fine:


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