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#166 fixed [patch] HtmlComboBox - comboBoxValue not being populated. alex [email protected]

When the selectOption method is called in the HtmlComboBox? the following code is executed.

this.comboBoxValue = tgt.getAttribute("resultName");
this.comboBoxSelectionValue = tgt.getAttribute("resultValue");

However comboBoxValue and comboBoxSelectionValue are inputs. I think the code should read:

this.comboBoxValue.value = tgt.getAttribute("resultName");
this.comboBoxSelectionValue.value = tgt.getAttribute("resultValue");
#167 fixed Build CSS files James Burke david

It'd be nice to be able to build One True CSS File, much like string interning is done, so that you can replace the need for widgets to pull in the CSS files in production (right now I do a lot of copy/paste).

#168 fixed Bugs in dojo.html.getDocument{Width,Height} [patch] anonymous [email protected]

When the code for determing document width/height was moved from Dialog from dojo.html.getDocument{Width,Height}, the tests that were made changed, resulting in 0 width height in internet explorer.

Here's a patch that gets things working again; the logic is a combination of the older and newer versions:

  • Like the old version It doesn't use document.clientHeight or document.documentElement.clientHeight unless the value is present and non-zero.
  • Like the newer version, if both of the above are zero, it uses body.innerWidth.

I haven't done the research to comment on what browsers have which of these properties a) present b) width useful values, so I can't really comment whether this patch is the best possible way to do things, but it's definitely better than the current code.

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