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#13319 fixed video demo broken Mike Wilcox bill

It's working in 1.6 but in 1.7 I can't get it to play any videos, plus there are errors in the console.

#3940 wontfix vertical slider label misalignment on big font Douglas Hays bill

On FF2 (at least on mac), on test_Slider.html, increase the font size (ctrl-+ or command-+ on the mac), and the labels on the right side of the vertical scrollbar will go below the tic marks (rather than to the right like they should ).

Looking at the HTML shows that the tic marks and labels are in the same <td>, with the tic marks having float: left. Should probably just have separate <td>s. That probably works better for BIDI too, to not use floats.

#9464 patchwelcome vertical scroll position is reset when resizing columns of a grid Mars Agliullin

How to reproduce with attached html:

  1. Make browser window small, so there is vertical scrollbar.
  2. Scroll it to the bottom.
  3. Resize any column of the lower grid.

What happens: vertical scrollbar's position is reset to top

What is expected: column resize should not impact scrollbar's position

This behaviour was observed on FF3.0 & IE6. Didn't test on other browsers.

Cause of bug: body of the grid with enabled autoHeight is hidden before column resize. Without grid's body scrollbar may disappear if there's enough space. When grid's body is shown again scrollbar's position is reset to top.

Idea of fix: explicitly replace grid's height with its actual value before resize, so vertical size of content doesn't change. Reset height to 'auto' afterwards.

BTW, the same behaviour is observed when columns are sorted. Attached patch doesn't fix that.

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