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#8886 patchwelcome DataGrid Focus Issue with Select Cell When Always Editing Jarrod Carlson Jarrod Carlson

I want a column in my grid that does not correspond to a property of the data. Instead, I want to provide a select box with a list of "Action Items" for this particular row. The user should be able to select an item from the list for a given row and as a result of the selection, some behavior will occur.

The problem is that when I click on a cell of type "dojox.grid.cells.Select" that is set to "alwaysEditing=true", the drop down appears and then immediately closes up again as the surrounding cell gains focus. I can click a second time on the select and I get normal behavior, but the first click is not working properly.

This problem appears in at least Firefox 3.0.7 (Mac), Firefox 3.0.6 (XP) and Internet Explorer 7 (XP). This problem is not present in Safari 3 (Mac) and Google Chrome (XP).

I have attached a modified version of /dojox/grid/tests/test_data_grid_edit.html to demonstrate the problem.

#8934 patchwelcome a11y: ComboBox menu selection should match native SELECT Douglas Hays

Tested on Firefox 3.0.7 on WinXP.

Enable high-contrast. Run test_ComboBox.html. Click the combobox arrow and down arrow a few times. Each item in the list has a small dotted outline as you down arrow, but when using a native SELECT element, the background is purple giving a much greater contrast. I think this is achieved by do a "selection" of the text. I think we should do this in addition to, or as a replacement for, changing CSS classes for each menu item.

#8953 patchwelcome [patch] [cla] RTL broken in quirks mode (IE) bill bill

The html_rtl.html test case, if converted to quirksmode, is failing on all IE versions.

(Also, we are missing a test file for RTL quirksmode as part of standard runTests.html)

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