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#8856 duplicate MenuItem: Accelerator keys need infrastructure Joseph Scheuhammer

While testing menus for keyboard a11y, I noticed that some menu items have acceelerator keys. They did not work.

The reason is: while MenuItem.js provides a way to specify the accelerator key combination, there isn't any analogous way to connect a handler for the key-combo. In fact, there is a comment in the code: "... there is no infrastructure to actually catch and execute these accelerators". See also #8322.

I have a misgiving about this. It's misleading in that the ability to specify the accelerator key suggests that that is all that is needed, when in fact doing so has no effect. If this is a future feature, then developers need a warning that this infrastructure is missing.

FWIW, I'd like to see something along the lines of a method such as:

setAccelKeyHandler(/*String*/ accelKey, /*Object|null*/ context, /*Function*/ handler)

It should a method of some basic object (_Widget.js?) since widgets other than menu items might have accelerator keys, for example, Buttons.

#8921 wontfix dijit.onWidget idea Nathan Toone

Sometimes, you know the id of a node (which will eventually be the id of the widget) - but when you want to use it, the widget isn't available. An example is if you want to reference a widget, during parsing, that may or may not be already instantiated (but at some point in the future will be).

A function with the following signature is helpful:

dijit.onWidget = function(widgetNodeOrId, callback)

It would take either a widget, a node, or an id, and call the callback when the widget is instantiated (or immediately if it's already instantiated).

#8925 fixed Copy/Paste from MS Word to dijit.Editor on Firefox3 cgierer

If you use copy/paste to insert some formatted text from Microsoft Word to a dijit.Editor widget on Firefox 3 (on Windows XP) some additional meta information from Word is pasted (not only HTML content).

Using Firefox 2 only the HTML formatted content is inserted. (see attachments for FF3 and FF2 content).

Other WYSIWYG web editors (like FCKEditor or TinyMCE; see seem to have the same problem and have implemented some special "Paste from Word" functionality to cleanup the content before inserting the content.

dijit.Editor should also provide a similar functionality.

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