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#18752 fixed dojox/mobile/Slider becomes unusable in ScrollablePane with same direction Patrick Ruzand fabrizio.cucci


I was building a custom widget containing a horizontal dojox/mobile/Slider placed in a horizontal dojox/mobile/ScrollablePane.

When I tried to move the slider handle I discovered something wonderful: not only it moves but the whole custom widget moves too! :)

I think that the proper behavior would be to not propagate the drag event when it happens on the "TouchBox?" and the "Handle" elements of the slider.



as first line of the "beginDrag" function here:

seems to work fine but I don't know if it might have unwanted side effects.

Thanks, Fabrizio

#18750 patchwelcome Enhanced Grid row getting shifted(automatic grid scroll down) Evan dhivya

When we clicks check box editor in enhanced grid row position getting changed i.e grid scroll down happening automatically.

This issue happening only after few rows of grid.For example,the grid has totally 50Rows,this issue happening after 30th row.

#18747 patchwelcome dojox/grid/EnhancedGrid misalignment on Header click. Sukriti

This problem is specific to internet explorer. Currently using dojo 1.8. In dojox/grid/EnhancedGrid when header cell is clicked, and that cell is partly into the view of the screen, then header cell align itself into the view leaving its data column. Due to this grid misalignment occur. This problem is specific to IE browser. In other browser such as firefox and chrome, header cell doesnt move on click.

IE browser where issue observed 10.0.9200.17519

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