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#11492 fixed dojo.hitch reference documentation examples broken/missing bill Arlo White


Only the "Basic Example" works for me.

All of the others have a Copy&Paste section that has some kind of default content, but there isn't any dojo.hitch example code.

#11636 fixed 404 error Dustin Machi Arlo White

The license url listed in source files results in a 404

#11638 fixed Allow lazy loading of DropDown widgets Arlo White

Currently DropDown? widgets must specify a dropDown at creation.

Imagine you have a web application with a hundred DropDownButtons?. Having to instantiate all the TooltipDialogs? just about doubles your load time. This shouldn't be necessary when the user will likely only click a few of the DropDownButtons?.

There should be a way to create a DropDownButton? that creates its dropDown only after it's clicked.

Maybe _HasDropDown should have a createDropDown method that it calls if this.dropDown doesn't exist. Or something along those lines...

This seems like it should be easy enough. There are only two places this.dropDown is referenced:

DropDownButton? references this.dropDown in its startup, this code would need to adjust for the case where dropDown is lazy-loaded.

_HasDropDown references it in toggleDropDown, this is where you would call your createDropDown code if not already created.

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