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#18757 fixed JAWS exits forms mode after pressing Enter to create a new line bill Herman Lo

Browser version: Firefox 38 ESR, 42.0 JAWS version: 16.0.4663 (Oct 2015 build) Dojo version: IDT 1.10.4-20150917-IBM RPT ruleset: CI162 v5.2 Plan DCP, 01 August 2015 or later

If you hit the Enter key when inside the dijit.Editor (to create a new line) , the JAWS screen reader will exit forms mode. You need to manually activate forms mode (hit Enter again). If your editing multiple lines in the dojo editor, you'll need to repeatedly re-enter forms mode.

The issue is reproducible on Firefox only (IE11 works fine). I've been able to reproduce the issue with both 1.10.4 and the public nightly (

if no fix from JAWS is forthcoming, then a workaround may be required for the dojo editor (i.e. change the contenteditable div role="textbox" and set aria-multiline="true"). However, this would result in a regression of #18731 ( setting role=main on Editor's iframe's <body> violates ARIA spec ) since the editor would be missing the "main" role. A more thorough solution may be required instead.

#18754 invalid dojo/domReady executes multiple times under Chrome browsers (Dojo 1.8.5) adw99
  1. Load
  1. Open devTools, go to Sources for the page (inline JS) search for the string "var dojoChatLink = new DojoChatLink?" and put a breakpoint on this line.
  2. Reload the page
  3. When you hit the breakpoint, click the 'Resume' icon and wait a few seconds and then you will hit the breakpoint again, and again. (3-5 times depending on the version of Chrome you're using)

I've tested in Chrome 46 and 48 (Canary) and I see the code executed 3-5 times in different versions of Chrome. In FF 38.4 & IE 10 I see it execute once.

#18753 duplicate _HasDropDown shows in the wrong location on zoomed mobile device bill pshannon

When using a DropDownButton? or another widget that extends _HasDropDown it is possible for the drop down to not be correctly centered around the button when the browser is pinch/zoomed on a mobile device. This bug can be seen on the theme tester in Google Chrome's device mode.

Repro steps are:

  1. Open Device Mode
  2. Change the device to the iPhone 6 Plus
  3. Open the Theme Tester page
  4. After the page loads move the right border in to create scroll bars
  5. Scroll right
  6. Click on the Drop Down

Expected: The drop down should be positioned directly below the button Actual: The drop down is scrolled to the right and continues to follow the scroll center as the page is scrolled

I have had some success in setting domGeometry.position(around, true) to false. This seems to fix the issue, but I'm afraid that will adversely affect other popups. I believe the final fill will require passing a flag to popup to instruct it to not include scroll offsets in some way.

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