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#222 fixed JSON stringifying code anonymous martinc

The attached file, json.js, contains an implementation of JSON stringifying code, as a dojo.json package. Functions taking specific types are provided, but the "main" function is 'itemToString', which will figure out what you give it and call the appropriate function to do the work.

Note that, since JSON doesn't support nodes or functions, this implementation will substitute "(NODE)" or "(FUNCTION)" if it encounters such a thing. I wasn't sure what else to do in those cases. Perhaps it should throw instead.

#223 fixed dnd (drag and drop) broken on safari anonymous anonymous

test_simple fails on drops with:

DEBUG: [TypeError: Value undefined (result of expression window.getSelection().removeAllRanges) is not object.]

#225 fixed Invalid DOM node reference in Dropdown Button anonymous Josh Reed ([email protected]

The Dropdown Button widget contains an invalid DOM node reference in the onMouseOver and onMouseOut functions:

	onMouseOver: function(e) {
		dojo.html.addClass(this.dropdownButton, "dojoButtonHover");
		dojo.html.removeClass(this.dropdownButton, "dojoButtonNoHover");
	onMouseOut: function(e) {
		dojo.html.removeClass(this.dropdownButton, "dojoButtonHover");
		dojo.html.addClass(this.dropdownButton, "dojoButtonNoHover");

this.dropdownButton should be this.button, I believe.

The relevant file: src/widget/html/DropdownButton.js

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