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#8002 duplicate Calendar popup disabled dates and next months dates have same style nonken Arlo White

In the Calendar popup used in dijit.form.DateTextBox? disabled dates have the same style as dates in the next/previous months. This results in a poor user experience in a scenario where a user wants to select dates in the preview area for the next or previous month. In this case the user is unable to distinguish dates disabled dates from enabled ones.

#8054 fixed Missing arrow pngs for old Grid theme Nathan Toone Arlo White


references ../../../../dijit/themes/tundra/images/arrowUp.png

However, those arrow pngs no longer exist.

#11383 fixed hared TooltipDialog loading different size remote content positions smaller content wrong Arlo White

I've created some TooltipDialogs? attached to DropDownButtons?. In our application the TooltipDialog? positions wrong when you open a popup in one area and then in a second area. Re-opening the second popup positions correctly.

Live DEMO, steps to reproduce:

  2. On left, click "Show Classes by Subject"
  3. Select a department and then select a few classes
  4. Click Next button in top-right
  5. Click a link in the BOOKS column (Popup displays)
  6. Scroll down to the next course and click a link
  • Popup will often be positioned wrong initially
  • Re-opening will position correctly


  • This issue doesn't always occur and the offset changes. For example, select BIO 111,112,114,115
    • Clicking between:
      • BIO 111 and BIO 112 > No issue
      • BIO 111 > BIO 114 > Problem
    • Individual rows can be different
      • BIO 114-01 to BIO 115-02 > No issue
      • BIO 114-01 to BIO 115-03 > Problem
  • Something about opening a popup above and then another below in another course causes this. Going from a lower link to a higher one doesn't seem to be a problem. If you just reload the page and open the exact same link that had the problem it displays fine. Something about the state of the previous popup causes this.
  • It's always the first positioning that's off, reopening always seems to position correctly. Though on a related note, without DropDownButton?'s popups were even worse and gradually migrated to where they should be as you re-opened the same popup.
  • Scrolling doesn't seem to be the issue. If you click in an upper course and then back in the lower without scrolling the issue appears.
  • I see this issue with Firefox 3.6.6 and Chrome 5.0.375.86 beta in Linux.
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