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#2319 fixed memory leak in ScriptSrcTransport Bryan Forbes [email protected]

Hi dojo team,

I have found a memory leak problem using ScriptSrcTransport? the problem happens with ie6, ff1.5, ff2.0 and opera 9 on win2000

I use dojo 0.4.1rc3

I have attached a small example to reproduce it. The example works only with ff

To reproduce the pb:

  1. copy the example in tests/io
  2. open the page (it should display hello with a counter)
  3. open the task manager, and see the memory consumption growing

This is an important issue for me because I use such periodic polling to simulate server push. I hope you'll find where the pb is.



#2321 fixed problem with compressed dojo.js and lfx.wipes functions - wiped elem gains height Bryan Forbes [email protected]

anyone else noticed that when using dojo.lfx.html.wipe functions after wipes the wiped divs are gaining height ? 2px per wipe , so the wiped elem gets bigger and bigger. it doesnt occur in dojo.js.uncompressed.js .

#2345 wontfix propolsal for extending dojo.lfx Bryan Forbes [email protected]

is it possible to add some more functions to dojo lfx: wiping in different directions fading to opacity wiping by selected value like wipe off 50px etc ?

and adding some var to wipe functions to store orginal object height, to prevent situations when calling a wipe function on already wiping elements breaks the height....

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