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#160 fixed reentrancy issues with BrowserIO.js anonymous [email protected]

In watchInFlight(), the code does:

doLoad(tif.req, tif.http, tif.url, tif.query, tif.useCache); this.inFlight.splice(x, 1);

But doLoad() is calling out to application code, so this.inFlight can be modified during the callout. Or, I believe what's happening in my case is that I call another xmlhttprequest, which goes back over this.inFlight and calls doLoad() a second time for the same request.

There are various possible fixes, the smallest is maybe to swap those two lines, another is to have an "already did load" flag that doLoad checks, ... anyway the idea would be to guarantee that only one load/error function invocation happens per request.

#161 fixed FloatingPane widget should use the Drag and Drop system's event hooks to handle movement cal alex

see tests/dnd/test_dragmove.html for details on how this might be accomplished.

#162 fixed [patch] Dialog widget doesn't work when page margins are not specified in pixels alex [email protected]

1) If you specify page margins in em or %, dialog widget fails because it calculates background width in pixels now (previous value of 100% didn't work in IE6 because it doesn't take into account page margins => was off-center and didn't cover everything). This effect was found with IE6.

2) Background width was calculated just once => if window was resized, then background was off.

The attached patch fixes these problems. It was tested with IE6, FF, and Opera 8.50.

Existing code and this patch share one problem: if window is resized after dialog was opened, it still looks strange. The comprehensive solution is to track window resize adjusting background (and possibly dialog box position) dynamically. I don't know if it's worth it to fix now.

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