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#18220 duplicate visible range in TimeTextBox is not showing the correct range kenlau

Visible range in TimeTextBox? is not showing the correct range. The visibleRange properties seem not reacting to the setting. I take a peek at the TimeTextBox?, seems like some logic is missing in 1.10.0.

I attach a test case for you to debug.

If you modify the test case to use prior version of dojo, i.e. 1.8.6., you can see the visible range working properly.

This is also related to defect 18200 I have opened earlier.

#13534 fixed visibility:hidden on <body> disables input field auto-complete ykami ykami
Description themes have visibility:hidden on the body element to avoid incomplete html rendering result to be shown before widget rendering finishes. However, it turned out that it could cause a problem on the input field auto-complete function. The user should be able to choose whether to apply visibility:hidden to the body or not.

#14252 wontfix virtual keyboard may disappear if focus on a text box in a scrollable view ykami Ming Zhe Huang

Please see the attached test case. I've uploaded the video somewhere else.
It's quite random, but it's very easy to re-produce in low-end devices. If there are many contents in the scrollable view, clicking the text box will pop up the virtual keyboard. However, maybe due to timing problem, sometimes the virtual keyboard will disappear.

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