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#8671 fixed [regression] Radiobutton: keyboard behaviour of radiobuttons incorrect for IE6 and IE7 Joseph Scheuhammer

Keyboard a11y of dijit radiobuttons should behave the same way as a standard <input> radio buttons. When tab navigating, focus should go to the first radio selected. Once focus is within the radio group, up and down, or left and right arrows should move between radios in the group, and select the next/previous radio in sequence. If no button in a group is selected, tab should go to the first radio in the group and then arrow keys are used to select and move from radio to radio. Arrow keys do not work in IE6 & 7 but they do work in IE8 and FF.

This is a regression since arrowing works as expected in release 1.2.3. This is similar to #4753.

#8686 worksforme dijit.form.DropDownButton arrow positioned incorrectly in IE8 Nathan Toone

The arrows are a bit low on the dijit.form.DropDownButton? elements in IE8 standards mode (which is what the test shows at dijit/tests/form/test_Button.html). This appears to be a similar issue to the one found in ticket #8511

The ComboButton? does not seem to have this issue.

#8687 duplicate dijit.form.DropDownButton does not position menu correctly in quirks mode on IE8 Nathan Toone

This actually appears to be an issue with timing, perhaps. You can see this in effect by removing the doctype declaration in dijit/tests/form/test_Button.html. Opening the popup for a dropdown button positions the menu at the bottom of the page in IE8, instead of being positioned absolutely. In looking at this a bit, it appears that the class "dijitPopup" is not being read by IE8 - though I cannot see why it wouldn't be.

Opening the popup in standards mode (with the doctype) and/or opening it in IE6 and IE7 behave correctly. This issue is limited only to IE8 in quirks mode.

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