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#14430 fixed dojox.image.LightboxNano is broken in IE8-- cb1kenobi Aleksey Rechinskiy

Hi! I've noticed long time ago, that dojox.image.LightboxNano? produces error in IE8 and lower when clicked. The behaviour can be seen with a standard test file dojox/image/tests/test_LightboxNano.html even in dojo v1.7.

I used to fix the error with a small hack of _createDiv function:

if(dojo.isIE <= 8){
	dojox.image.LightboxNano.prototype._createDiv = function(/*String*/cssClass
		, /*DomNode*/refNode, /*boolean*/display)
		// summary: Creates a div for the enlarge icon and loading indicator layers
		return dojo.create("div", { // DomNode
			"class": cssClass,
			style: {
				position: 'absolute',
				display: display ? "" : "none"
		}, refNode, 'after');
#531 invalid bad implementation of dojo.svg.setCoords anonymous Arlo White

Found a small bug in svg.js

dojo.svg.setCoords = function(node, coords){
	var p = dojo.svg.getCoords();

must be replace with :

dojo.svg.setCoords = function(node, coords){
	var p = dojo.svg.getCoords(node);
#8001 fixed Calendar: disabled dates and next months dates have same style bill Arlo White

In the Calendar popup used in dijit.form.DateTextBox disabled dates have the same style as dates in the next/previous months. This results in a poor user experience in a scenario where a user wants to select dates in the preview area for the next or previous month. In this case the user is unable to distinguish dates disabled dates from enabled ones.

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