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#2171 wontfix lfx.fade is broken in IE6 Bryan Forbes ornus

"testslfx est_fades.html" doesn't work in IE6. runs fine in IE7.

#2252 wontfix dojo.html.copyStyle throws an exception Bryan Forbes [email protected]

i recommand to add the following as the first line of the function in order to avoid an exception while looping through an arbitrary DOM tree :

if(! || !{return;}

Regards, ewilde.

#2286 wontfix Rounded performance issues Bryan Forbes bill

From the mailing list we had a discussion about performance issues with the current rounded corners implementation. Tom wrote:

The current solution is a "thousand div" solution that uses block elements to emulate pixels; I personally never liked it but the source was ported by permission of the author. There are a few other similar solutions out there that are a lot more streamlined, but almost all of them were released under LGPL.

If the group wants to come to a consensus conclusion about what we are willing to support, I'd be *more* than happy to trash the current solution.

The current implementation supports:

  1. Anti-aliasing
  2. different radii (w/h) per corner
  3. full background image support
  4. full transparency support
  5. automated padding, if asked for
  6. liquid box sizing

Current implementation does not support:

  1. nested widgets (my fault, need to go back and change the way the padding is implemented; the original used innerHTML and it should have used appendChild).


Possible alternatives include: CSS3 radius (my personal preference, of course no IE support) gfx with some fallbacks, if needed image-based solutions (i.e. if it becomes a reality, tapping into that Google service)

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