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#768 fixed vml chart var x not defined Tom Trenka dylan

line 163 of widget/vml/Chart.js, x is not previously defined in scope

		line.setAttribute("from", x+",";

also two instances of a a variable named v, one in the vml version, one in the svg version, that are used in += case without previously being defined.

#3668 fixed visual regression in dijit.form.Texbox dante dante

the test_validate.html in dijit/tests/form no longer has focus styling, gradient backgrounds, or any 'polish' ...

archive.dtk shows one behavior up until:

then it breaks. This also makes the "add some makeup" book page #3666 a very bad example of 'why dojo looks good'.

#3936 fixed visual feedback for disabled button icons liucougar liucougar

icons for disabled buttons should be grayed out

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