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#8679 patchwelcome Dialog's "_position" should utilize position fixed Liquidrums

I was viewing tests for dojox.image.Lightbox to see why there was flickering when scrolling in the browser. This can be remedied by doing the following:

In IE6, keep the current implementation.

In all other browsers (which support "position: fixed"), style the overlay as: "position: fixed; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%;".

As the domNode is moved to the center of the viewport via _position, this would only need to happen once (instead of onScroll) if it used "position: fixed".

This enhancement can either affect only Lightbox, or Dialog (since it is called via this.inherited).

If you're interested, I can submit a patch.

#8680 patchwelcome Tooltip: allow scrollable content Josh Trutwin

This is something that could be done in the 0.4 days but is no longer supported in 1.x. If you created a tooltip styled with overflow:auto; it was possible to mouse over node to open the tooltip, move the mouse over the tooltip content and use the scrollbar. With 1.x when moving the mouse, the tooltip always disappears.

Not sure how useful this is, but I had an old 0.4 app that used this feature and didn't port over.

IRC log:

09:28 < trutwijd_afk> wild_bill: I have a new Tooltip question - is it possible to have a tooltip contents scrollable?

09:29 < wild_bill> trutwijd_afk: yeah, have a tooltip with a <div style="overflow: auto; height: 100px; width; 300px"> in it

09:31 < trutwijd_afk> wild_bill: problem is that when moving the mouse to get to scrollbar it disappears 09:31 < phiggins> ha 09:31 < trutwijd_afk> wild_bill: unless there's a param to click to deactivate?

09:31 < trutwijd_afk> somehow I did this in 0.4 tho!

09:32 < wild_bill> trutwijd_afk: i don't think so, you need to put the <div style="overflow: auto; height: 100px; width; 300px"> INSIDE the tooltip

09:41 < wild_bill> trutwijd_afk: oh wait, i see, yeah, i take it back 09:42 < wild_bill> trutwijd_afk: yeah, we can't support it now

10:21 < trutwijd_afk> wild_bill: what was it in 0.4 that made a scrollable TT possible out of curiousity?

10:33 < wild_bill> trutwijd_afk: oh the code was more complicated, it did hover over either the target node or the tooltip, plus a bunch of timers for when you are moving between the two 10:37 < trutwijd_afk> wild_bill: thanks - should I file a trac to request this feature or? 10:37 < wild_bill> i'm sure there are many tickets about that already but there's probably some reason we did it this way, probably a11y 10:40 < trutwijd_afk> wild_bill: hmm - searched trac for dijit.Tooltip but didn't find

10:43 < wild_bill> trutwijd_afk: hmm, ok maybe there's no ticket. you can file one if you want but i can't say that we'll implement. it was a concious decision to make tooltip very simple.

#8684 patchwelcome [ccla][needs update and AMD conversion] Add depth (simple 3d effect) for stacked column charts cjolif Chris Mitchell

The attached patches are contributed under CLA to add a depth effect to stacked column charts. StackedColumnsDepth?.js is a modified version of StackedColumns?.js to add the depth effect. It should be merged into StackedColumns?.js, so that depth is just a new property.

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