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#16214 patchwelcome DataGrid is Memory Leaks in IE8 Evan yutuo

I tested in dojo 1.7.2 and dojo 1.8 and dojo 1.8.1. Memory Leaks in IE8 when DataGrid? is clicked.

  1. click the DataGrid?'s contents.
  2. reload the page.

for example.

  1. open the URL.

  1. click button "run".
  1. click the DataGrid?'s contents, for example "false".
  1. reload the page.
#18646 invalid Unable to get only selected Rows with Dojox Exporter yuqing yuqing

I use dojox/support/exporter/exporter.js to export rows from Dojox-Grid (v1.3.0)

The call is exporter(grid, writer, args) with var args = {selectedOnly: true};

I always get all rows. In Dojo 1.9.2 it works as expected - I only get the selected rows.

In 1.9.3 there is a new function fetchChildren() in fetchRows() that fetches every row ignoring the flag selectedOnly.

#17518 fixed Menu: vertical scrollbar not hidden after window height increase (IE, Edge) bill yunilax

steps to repeat:

  1. Resize height of IE window to make it narrow and select menu item;

appeared dropdown menu whith vertical scrollbar

  1. resize height to normal size and select menu item()

appeared the dropdown menu with vertical scrollbar

expected: dropdown menu without scrollbars.

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