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#211 fixed [patch] Dialog widget is broken on all plaforms. anonymous [email protected]

I tried test_Dialog.html in FF, IE, Op --- it doesn't work with different symptoms: FF lacks background, IE blows because of use of undefined object, Op --- like FF + everything is black.

#212 fixed [patch] Manager.js blows on IE when iterates over available renderers. anonymous [email protected]

Apparently "vml" renderer doesn't define "prefixes". Manager assumes that "prefixes" is always defined and is an array.

My one-line fix checks for it, and replaces undefined values with empty array. Alternative is to define prefixes properly --- I couldn't find the place where it should be done.

#214 fixed behaviour not same in IE and Mozilla anonymous sara

I downloaded the dojo 0.1.0 zip file and tried the example in it it is working in Mozilla but not in IE .In IE the same type of action is not being taken place. Again in some case I get _package not loaded error

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