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#18780 patchwelcome dojox/grid/DataGrid startup method error in IE11 on Windows 7 Evan vincentt126

I have a complex dojo web application which uses dojox/grid/DataGrid to get user input. But the javascript breaks when calling startup method of dojox/grid/DataGrid. This error only happens in IE11 on Windows 7, but neither in IE11 on Windows 10, nor Firefox or Chrome. I tried it in IE9 on Windows 7. When the error happens, it will shut down IE9.

I can submit a screenshot of this error in IE debugger. If you want me to collect additional debugging information, please instruct me how to do it because I'm a newbie to dojo.

#18776 patchwelcome onChange event on TextBox after set("value", ..., false) then blur bill ITA003

HI, I developed a custom website using dojo 1.9.4 and I've a modal popup with a form. In this form I've a DateTextBox? field with onChange event that should be start when the date change. While I open the modal popup I fill the DateTextBox? value with a date using this code:

var updObj = dijit.byId('IDDateTextBox');
updObj.set('value', '2015-01-16', false);

The third parameter because I don't need to fire onChange event when I set this value, but if the user change the value, the onChange event must fire.

But when I open the calendar, without change any value, and exit from the calendar the onChange event fire also the value don't change. Is this a bug or I wrong something?

This is the HTML code of DateTextBox? element:

<input name="TDG004txtDtValuta" type="text" maxlength="10" id="TDG004txtDtValuta" class="InputField" required="true" data-tableref="NOTASPESE_RIGHE" data-fieldref="dtvaluta" data-postback="n" onchange="onChangeFieldValue(&#39;TDG004&#39;);updateCambioFromValuta(83,&#39;TDG004ddlDsValuta&#39;,&#39;TDG004txtDtValuta&#39;,&#39;TDG004txtNmCambio&#39;)" data-dojo-type="dijit.form.DateTextBox" />
#18773 invalid Drop down button when disabled does not change it's colour gauravsaini93 gauravsaini93

create a drop down(ComboButton?) button as written in the very first example(Programmatic Example) of this reference guide

Now disable this button programmatically.

Now see the button in itself does not change it's colour to grey(which symbolises "disabled button"). Only the right hand icon change it's colour. not the whole button.

Note: I am using claro theme(if it's making any difference).

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