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#5366 fixed wai.js function docs have problems in the API browser simonjb simonjb
#3416 fixed wai.js a11y style check needs to inline the CSS style it needs James Burke James Burke

wai.js should use cssText on the element it uses to check for a11y, instead of relying on dijit.css being included in the page. The user may decide not to do that, and having it inline will prevent issues in an async style sheet load scenario.

#11783 fixed wai role code doesn't need to account for multiple roles bill bill

wai.js has code for handling XHTML roles like banner|contentinfo|definition|main|navigation|search|note|secondary|seealso, in addition to accessibility roles.

It turns out we don't need that (according to Becky, who checked the spec and with somebody named Rich. A single node never has multiple roles.

So the wai.js code can be simplified.

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