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#17755 patchwelcome Grid shifts up first time you click on cell in IE 11 zawarski

Using IE 11, the first time you click on a cell, the grid shifts up.You can see this in the nightly tests:

Load it into IE11 and click on a any cell. The grid will shift up. In that case it only seems to shift up and over to left 1 pixel but I have had it in other cases shift up more and cover an entire title div.

Does not happen on IE10.

#10903 duplicate dijit.Tree with drag and drop broken z00mantwo

dijit.Tree with dnd turned on has a flaw. If it's in a content pane and ends up bigger than the pane so it has scrollbars and you highlight an item in the tree and then move one of the scrollbars it will automatically pickup the item in the tree you highlighted before scrolling. I've confirmed that this does not happen under Dojo 1.3.2. See


for a partial example of the problem. In the "Items" box highlight an item then scroll up and down. In 1.3.2 everything works as expected. In 1.4.2 when you scroll the mouse also picks up the highlighted item while your scrolling. If you let go of the scroll bar it then lets go of the highlighted item. In a dijit.Tree with scroll bars it gets worse and doesn't let go of the item after you stop scrolling.

To show the problem in a dijit.Tree modify


and add


Then add a <div> like

<div dojoType="dijit.layout.ContentPane?" style="height: 75px">

surrounding the

<div class="container" dojoType="dijit.Tree" id="itemTree"

model="itemModel" dndController="dijit.tree.dndSource" checkAcceptance="dndAccept" checkItemAcceptance="itemTreeCheckItemAcceptance" dragThreshold="8" getIconClass="getIcon" persist="false"></div>

<div> near the bottom of the file. Don't forget to close the ContentPane? <div>.

Then highlight an item in the tree and scroll up and down a couple of times. You will see the mouse pickup the item and then won't release or drop it.

#10904 worksforme LinkPane with scroll bars breaks buttons anonymous z00mantwo

I have some Dojo 1.3.2 code with a LinkPane? that sometimes has scroll bars. The code loaded into it is Dojo with several Dojo buttons. If works perfectly in Dojo 1.3.2, but in 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 when you scroll the text for the buttons remains in place while the rest of the window scrolls properly including the background images for the button. So you end up with disconnected button text that's not over the button image. If I float the mouse over one of the button images the text for that button only will then snap into place.

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