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#8471 invalid mail demo: contact page says "sorry an error occurred" bill
#8489 fixed disallow id's with spaces bill

Don't allow id's with spaces as they make life difficult for the dijit code, see #8281 and #8485. (After adding in this restriction we can remove any code added for those two tickets.)

#8494 fixed _Templated: remove whitespace from templates bill

Possible future enhancement to _Templated is to remove unwanted whitespace from templates. "Unwanted" is more complicated than it sounds, since for a template like

   <span>hello</span> <span>world</span>

we presumably want to remove the beginning and ending spaces in the parent <span>, but leave the space between the two child spans.

See for hints on how to remove spaces.

Besides the problem in #8492, white space in templates also causes unwanted spaces to show up in the final widget (maybe this is an IE only problem?), which is why many of our templates currently eliminate unwanted spaces between nodes by rearranging the > characters, like:

    ><span> ...

I thought there was another ticket open about this, but can't find it.

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