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#16 fixed build tools use b0rken regexp to determine module dependencies alex alex

The current system uses a set of regular expressions in getDependencyList.js to determine what modules a file needs. These regexps don't obey commenting out of lines, which leads to incorrect and out-of-order module inclusion which can cause all kinds of problems at deployment time.

Recommended fix: make the regular expressions comment-aware.

#19 fixed Inconsistent use of event models alex david

We aren't using connect() everywhere, which sends mixed signals to everyone about using a unified event model.

#22 fixed dojo.event.connect doesn't throw error with first argument null alex david

When I have the following:

dojo.event.connect(foo, "onSomething", ...)

And foo is null, the event still gets connected w/o throwing an error. This is doubly bad because it connects to dj_global (window in the browser). I think the problem lies in interpolateArgs where it gets the typeof foo and null is an object. I'd fix but I don't know the function well enough.

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