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#9097 fixed [cla][patch] DropDownSelect doesn't not align vertically with other Dojo controls Nathan Toone 7twenty

Because dojox.form.DropDownSelect? renders a TABLE as the root node, it will not vertically align with other dojo controls. Example, if I have a ComboBox? and a DropDownSelect? on the same line, the DropDownSelect? will be rendered higher than the ComboBox?.

The best solution seems to be to change the DropDownSelect? to base its rendering on DIVs/SPANs instead of a TABLE (similar to Button, ComboBox?, Spinner, etc).

#9175 fixed [cla][patch] DropDownSelect throw null pointer when calling updateOption while dropDown is open Nathan Toone 7twenty

I'll attach a patch to the test case (test_DropDownSelect.html) to reproduce the issue.


  1. Open the patched dojox/form/tests/test_DropDownSelect.html
  2. Under the heading "DropDownSelect?.updateOptions", click on the DropDownSelect? to open the dropDown
  3. Click any Checkbox in the CheckedMultiSelect?.

Results: Null pointer error in IE and FF. The dropDown is visible and cannot be closed.

#908 fixed Unhelpful formulation mentioning SCO vs. IBM anonymous [email protected]

Your "about" page currently contains this formulation:

"we're just making sure that code that is owned by someone else isn't slipped into the Dojo Toolkit in a way that something like, say, the SCO vs. IBM lawsuit becomes a possibility."

Sorry, but that is nonsense. The SCO Group Inc. has filed the lawsuit as part of an attempt to extort protection money from users and to manipulate the stock. The SCO Group Inc. never had a case and Darl McBride? (CEO) was informed about that before the complaint was filed. It was and is a criminal operation.

There is an informative website regarding that lawsuit and the activities of Darl McBride? and others:

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