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#16183 fixed Allow use of _TemplatedMixin in mobile widgets subclasses Adrian Vasiliu Eric Durocher

Users may want to customize mobile widgets using dijit templates. The goal of this ticket is to make sure this is possible, i.e. the correct calls are done so that the template will be instantiated, etc.

#16185 patchwelcome Container or pattern for simple applications Adrian Vasiliu Eric Durocher

The goal is to simplify the task of creating a basic mobile application with fixed headers/footers. This currently requires to create a View (or ScrollableView?) and set the "fixed" attributes on the header and footer widgets. This could be made easier to understand by creating a dedicated container for this very common case. One thing to take into account with this approach is the case of "application headers/footers", that, a header/footer that is always present, while the rest of the view changes.

#16188 fixed HTML5 (data-*) compliance of all attributes Adrian Vasiliu Eric Durocher

Make sure all attributes used/checked by Dojo Mobile code are HTML5 compliant. One example is the ListItem widget which tests a "preventTouch" attribute on its children,

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