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#14880 patchwelcome xml_attrs test failure on IE Kris Zyp bill
  1. uncomment part of dojo/tests/query/query.html to make it run on IE (search for 14880)
  2. Load dojo/tests/query/query.html?selector=acme on IE8 or IE9.
  3. In developer console set document mode to "IE9 standards".

The xml_attrs() test fails on IE9 with: Error: Object doesn't support property or method 'getAttribute'

Similarly, IE8 gets a failure on dojo/tests/query/query.html?selector=lite (lite, not acme): Error: 'undefined' is null or not an object

#906 worksforme xml parse to json doesn't seem to parse attributes anonymous coms

If I take the example from the manual:

{{{<foo bar="bard">

<baz xyzzy="xyzzyd"/>


and try using dojo.xml.Parse() to parse to a JSON object, I do indeed get a JSON object with all the element tags, but it contains no attributes.

#13730 fixed xhtml tag names must be lowercase (in css) bill Inarus

I have noticed that a lot of css breaks becuase in the css for example in dijit/themes/dijit.css selectors like the following appears:

.dijitTextBox INPUT.dijitInputField

This of course should resemble the following to conform to xhtml standards:

.dijitTextBox input.dijitInputField

I only really test in firefox, and this breaks when using the xhtml mime type.

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