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#2207 patchwelcome [patch][cla] Tree: support editable nodes bill ornus

current tree selector fires events only on 1st click and on double click. I need a 2nd click event to support following scenario:

  • 1st click - select node
  • double click - expand/collapse node
  • 2nd click - start node rename

this is a standard behavior exhibited by most of the tree controls

#2298 patchwelcome Shrinksafe removes comments containing IE's propietary conditional compilation code Richard Backhouse ShrinkSafe not "safe" on IE conditional compilation

Internet Explorer has a proprietary mechanism to allow for IE-only JavaScript? statements. These statements are "hidden" inside normal comments so that they are ignored by other browsers.

The ShrinkSafe? JavaScript? compressor removes these "comments", thus breaking the IE specific code. It would be nice if it could detect these special comments and leave them intact.

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#3053 patchwelcome We may need to introduce a DnD item separator object. Eugene Lazutkin Eugene Lazutkin

Currently the point of insertion is modeled using the border CSS attribute of an item, which may reduce the expressiveness. In some cases it maybe beneficial to insert an object to indicate the insertion point. Think about it, maybe you can try to model such objects, and their possible behavior.

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