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#17693 fixed dijit.form.ComboButton's onClick doesn't handle touch events bill ztravis

It seems like dijit.form.ComboButton? fails to register clicks on touch devices. I used the test page at, which logs to the console when you click on various buttons, and didn't see anything logged when clicking on ComboButtons? on IE11 on a touch-enabled laptop or in mobile safari on iOS7. In related tests setting breakpoints (at least in IE11) on the event handling code caused the callback to be fired correctly, perhaps due to IE11 changing how it handles these events (as native clicks vs simulated clicks/touch events) when debugging (although this is total speculation on my part!).

Right now I'm working around this by overriding the _attach method, defined in dijit/_AttachMixin.js, to handle 'dojoclick' attachments using dojox/gesture/tap instead of a11yclick (which as far as I can tell ultimately binds to 'onclick').

#543 wontfix XHTML comliant code in the Text Editor Widget anonymous [email protected]

Hey. Wonderful tool - you people are stars!!! However, I noticed a couple of things that I think would help.

When inserting new line breaks, the WYSIWYG text editor enters the <br> tag instead of the <br /> tag. Also, When using the text align button, the editor inserts <div align="right"> instead of <div dir="rtl">

The latter is important for developers like myself who work with right-to-left languages (Hebrew in my case)

In addition, would be great if the editor would pick up double new-line strokes and convert them into a new paragraph (although this can be done in the submission stage with regular expression)

#7779 duplicate Edit mode should end when clicking anywhere on the page that isn't the cell being edited Bryan Forbes zladivliba

I've had difficulties when editing a cell to get the editor (ex : a select) to dissapear ; it seems I need to click on the grid to get my mouse pointer back. I thing the users should be able to click anywhere in their browser to get their pointer back, and not only in the grid.

It's not a serious bug, but it would be easyer to use that way I think.

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