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#19016 fixed request/script error handler is added too late dylan mssskhalsa

If dojo/request/script is used in a page loaded over HTTPS and attempts to load a script over HTTP, the browser security policy will throw an error. However, dojo/request/script adds its error handler after the error event has already been emitted, so instead of terminating immediately, it will wait until the timeout has transpired.

This behavior varies by browser; Google Chrome 57 exhibits erroneous behavior.

The error handler should be added before the HTMLScriptElement is appended to the document.

#19000 fixed Strip fragment from URL before sending request for IE<=10 dylan dylan

#18998 fixed request/xhr has('native-xhr2-blob') test fails in web worker created from blob dylan mssskhalsa

Relative URLs with XMLHttpRequest do not work in a Web Worker generated from a blob.

dojo/request/xhr adds a dojo/has test for 'native-xhr2-blob' that doesn't need to send an XHR, but creates one for feature-testing and sets the URL to '/'. This causes an error in Chrome and Firefox:

Chrome 56: DOMException: Failed to execute 'open' on 'XMLHttpRequest': Invalid URL

Firefox 52: SyntaxError: The URI is malformed.

If the URL is set to a fully-qualified URL then it works.

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