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#36 invalid was spam alex anonymous
#4493 invalid wanted: Dustin Machi davidb

Folks testing their work against dojo have requested a stable area of our There we could place stable snapshots, or at least snapshots with known issues.

Testing work against the sojo nightlies can be a little wild, creating excess work for our customer QA. At the same time we want to encourage them to test against somewhat recent builds so that they can help catch bugs.

If we had both a stable and nightly archive we could recommend testing against both and reporting bugs if only the nightly fails.

At the very least we should probably have an archive with snapshots of our releases.

#3903 fixed wairole for color cell should be gridcell Becky Gibson Becky Gibson

When I originally added the role for the color cells I made it "td" it should be "gridcell" for better accessibility. Using "td" implies it is a standard table, using gridcell indicates that it is keyboard navigable.

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